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Logos for Bill Goldman D.M.D.

These are based on your preferences from the logos we reviewed. I selected colors that complemented the designs best, but please keep in mind that the color is very, very easy to change. At this stage, we're focusing on the look and feel - finding the one which you feel best represents you and your practice.

From our converstations, the ideas I incorporated were:
  •    incorporating a technical look to reflect your skill and interest in restorative work
  •    creating a modern and current look that would appeal to a youger crowd, but yet
       remain traditional enough to not alienate older patients.
  •    incorporating the image of a tooth that will make your logo instantly recognizable
       as belonging to a dentist
  •    work with your preference of a black background, yet be versatile enough to work
       in reverse on a lighter background or as a solid, single color.
  •    the ability to print well in small format such as toothbrushes, etc.

Although I usually narrow logo concepts down to three from my many sketches, I've offered four here as I felt they all met your criteria and I wanted to give you the most relevant choices possible. That being said, I've only showed you the black background versions here to keep things simple. Each of these has a single color verion and a light background reverse version as well which I'll include once a concept has been chosen. We'll take your favorite and make any color or typefaces changes that are needed to get the final look and feel.

Please click the thumbnails for the larger images.

01 02 02 01

01 02 02

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