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Boxerworks Service design concept

These concepts were developed with the features you requested, including:
  • Simple, no frills design
  • Easy to read, not elaborate or confusing
  • Clear consise navigation, with pictures if possible
  • Obvious Contact information
  • Designated areas for Airheads group, current news, shop specials, etc.

Please click the thumbnails for the larger images.

Concept 1

Concept 2
Design Notes:

Header:Putting usability first, I arranged the design with the user in mind with the logo and contact info clearly partitioned at the top. Phone numbers and emails are highlighted in blue.

Navigation: All of the navigation is a single column, rather than scattered all over the page like some sites we looked at. I used bold white BMW logo typeface on dark blue icons so that they will be easy to read and content specific photos so they will be easy to recognize. If you have a sidecar, click on the sidecar, click the parts for parts, etc.(NOTE: photos here are for mockup purposes only and will be replaced with actual Boxerworks products and services.)

Content: The content is central to the page and is arranged under bold headers so you the viewer knows what they're reading. The welcome content will be short and sweet. Links, events, notices etc go in current news, and shop specials, promotions, can go in the lower area. News and Specials can easily swap places.

Right Column: The right hand column has a large photo to both balance the nav and give the page some visual interest. These photos could be customer bikes, ride photos, funny or interesting motorcycle lifestyle photos, anything. I can write a script that store dozens of photos and serve up a different one each time someone visits the page, to keep the site look fresh and interesting automatically. There is also room in the right column for the Airhead chapter links, notices etc as well.

Footer: The footer contains logos for many of the bikes - current and classics, that Boxerworks Service can work on. I don't imagine you get too many Bultacos or Jawa scramblers in, but including these relatively obscure brands and logos will help draw in customers from their ranks and increase your sites profile with the search engines by being relevant to many different types of bikes.

Look and Feel: Design wise, I used a muted blue, silver and white color scheme reminiscient of BMW's colors. I included the white in a pinstripe fashion, similar to the pinstripe found on the old /2's, /3's, /7's etc. I kept artwork, do-dads, etc to a minimum. The only line or color that isn't functional is the screened line drawings between the logo and the contact info. This artwork would change per page - a boxer engine on the homepage, a sidecar on the sidecar page, an Earles fork on the services page etc.

Back Page:All pages that aren't the homepage will share this layout. The navigation, header, etc. are the same, but the center column is dedicated entirely to content and the right column contains content specific photos and links. While photos may not seem important compared to the text, the average web user responds very well to them and often "browses" photos before reading content, using the photos to judge your work and products before deciding to call.

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