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Classic City Off Road logo concepts
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 The basis for these Classic City Off Road logo concepts is the classic "Skull & Crossbones" - but with a mechanical twist. The "Crossbones" are a driveshaft and the wrench, icons for the parts you sell and the work you do. The skulls have varying levels of reference to the Jeep grille, a shape which both Jeep and non Jeep drivers associate with off roading. Together these design elements twist an instantly recognizable image into an icon specific to Classic City Off Road.

The Skull & Crossbones is an excellent basis for a logo for a number of reasons - its fun, its cool and its been a symbol of counterculture and doing things your own way for 350 years. Physcologically, people instinctively direct their attention towards a face and when a sticker covered truck passes on a trail, they will notice this logo, even with dozens of others around it.

 Most sticker sized logos are hard to read from more than arms length so I chose simple shapes for these logos so they will print well and be instantly recognized from a distance - either stickers on rigs, T-shirts on the trail, avatars on message boards, a flag at your campsite, anywhere. I also designed these logos so that the negative space (eyes, nose, mouth, text) can be laser cut to make personalized skidplates, hood vents, etc. They are versative, highly visible and provide a cool and memorable look for Classic City Off Road.